“MasterBasstion” Know Your Bass Player Glossary


MasterBasstion [mastərˈbāSSHən] “master – bass – tion” : the act of stimulating one’s own bass libido by rendering dexterous non-musical passages that serve only to garner attention from the masses on social media, in music retail brick-and-mortar, or at trade shows.


Such displays, grossly misrepresented as “virtuosity” depreciate the value of music education and accepted techniques as slap/pop, hammer on, glissando, harmonics, raking, palm muting, and uses of effects pedals and assorted extended range instruments.


“MasterBasstion” is purveyed by “bedroom bassists” i.e. individuals unable to achieve gratification with other human entities engaged in the art of composing or performing music.


Such practitioners should be avoided in favor of actual “bass players.”