It’s not a chord until we play a note!


It’s not a chord until we play a note!


which is a series of brief missives and

video interviews which are aimed

to entertain and (perhaps) enlighten the masses.

Tailored for social media and digital platforms,

KYBP is a quick, informative read

highlighting the players’ most important works!


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MY #NYC 2024

Tom Semioli iPhone Photo-Collages….     MY #NYC 8 April 2024 “Blue, blue, electric blue, that’s the color of my room, where I will live…waiting for the gift of sound and vision…” David Bowie   MY #NYC 5 April 2024 “Every day you’ve got to wake up and disappear behind your makeup. Take away your […]

Baseball 2024: Major League Ennui

  “Take the horn out of your mouth…” Miles Davis   It’s proverb oft intoned on a multitude of occasions and I will once again refer to the time-tested adage; it’s the notes you DON’T play that make you a good / great musician / composer.  For those of you keeping score, that credo applies […]

Brad Hallen Presents… The Roots of the Electric Bass!

Bassist, composer, recording and performing artist, educator, and historian – among other endeavors… Brad Hallen hosts a brief video and tutorial history of the electric bass!    Who is Brad Hallen. Glad you asked! From his website bio   Brad Hallen hails from Boston, Mass and is an accomplished Acoustic and Electric bassist.   Since […]

Rock’s* Greatest Decade: The 1980s

By Tom Semioli : Note this op-ed was NOT composed by ChatGPT *”Rock” is a term loosely used by the author.   In the beginning…   If I’ve learned anything in my sixty-three years on this mortal coil it’s that every generation (within my reach) holds their respective era of pop culture sacred. Sports, music, […]

The Bass Mastery of Phil Spalding and The Value of Education for the Rest of Us

  A body of experience… the acquisition of knowledge or skills through experience, study, or by being taught…   I met Phil Spalding in London in 2019 when I interviewed him for my Know Your Bass Player film series with Mark Preston, Derek Hanlon, and Oliver Harley Symonds. As best as I can recall he […]