It’s not a chord until we play a note!


It’s not a chord until we play a note!


which is a series of brief missives and

video interviews which are aimed

to entertain and (perhaps) enlighten the masses.

Tailored for social media and digital platforms,

KYBP is a quick, informative read

highlighting the players’ most important works!


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Latest posts

Latest posts

Lawrence Haber by Tony Senatore

    Lawrence Haber is a new acquaintance who has been making a name for himself on the New Jersey music scene. Fads come and go, but if you are a musician, things like reading music, preparedness, and being on time never go out of style. In an age when young bassists aspire to become […]

Horace Panter (The Specials)

  “Sir Horace Gentleman” anchored one of Ol’ Blighty’s most influential ‘70s ensembles: The Specials.   A master of the 2-tone groove which fused trad Jamaican ska with stripped down new wave rock, Panter and his pals – oft bedecked in ‘60s style rude boy attire (pork pie lids, loafers, mohair suits), scored several UK […]

Charles Nagtzaam (Bassist / Educator)

The Know Your Bass Player Interview by Tony Senatore   Recently, one of my Facebook friends, who happens to be a fine bassist, posted that although he started his days with great optimism, after checking out his Facebook feed, he realized that either he was a substandard musician, had made bad decisions, or had any […]

Anthony Jackson: Purity of Principle by Tony Senatore

  The  concept of purity of principle is central to many of the world’s most influential ideologies. To individuals concerned with philosophical and aesthetic issues, preserving the purity of the doctrine is of utmost importance. Marxism is one example of such an ideology. Whenever historical facts challenge the dogma, proponents deny these elements are part […]

Michael Henderson (Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder)

  As an electric bassist, the late Michael Henderson played a major role in the evolution of jazz and modern music. As a pop singer, Henderson topped the charts numerous times with his unique blend of rhythm & blues, soul, and funk.   Anchoring an opening act for Stevie Wonder at the Regal Theater in […]