It’s not a chord until we play a note!


It’s not a chord until we play a note!


which is a series of brief missives and

video interviews which are aimed

to entertain and (perhaps) enlighten the masses.

Tailored for social media and digital platforms,

KYBP is a quick, informative read

highlighting the players’ most important works!


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Latest posts

Latest posts

Bob Bergland (Ides of March)

By Joe Gagliardo / Photos by Kristie Schram   Chicago’s Ides of March, together since 1964, and still rolling, may very well hold the record for longevity.  The band still includes its four original members:  Bob Bergland on bass guitar, sax and vocals; Jim Peterik on lead vocals, lead guitar and keys; Larry Millas on […]

Mo Foster Discusses “Mo Foster & Friends In Concert”

  Among the most revered and versatile British session and touring bassists, Mo Foster’s talents as a composer, musician, educator, and author are equaled by his uncanny wit, hospitality, and sidesplitting sense of humor! You know Mo the bassist from his stellar work with a wide range of artists and ensembles including Affinity, Jeff Beck, […]

Tony Senatore Talks “Full Circle”

  The song is called “Full Circle,” and it is a restructuring of the very first song that Andy and I wrote together around 1995. We have another song in the works which is slated to be our first vocal tune with a very special guest vocalist. As always, the video and audio was all […]

Klem Hayes (Survivor, Nashville Star, Dick Holliday, Michael McDermott, Jay O’Rourke)

By Joe Gagliardo   Joe Gagliardo and Klem Hayes–A Know Your Bass Player Q&A   How/when/why did you start playing bass guitar?  I started taking piano lessons from Sister Celine in first grade, then started playing saxophone in fourth grade. In eighth grade a couple friends asked me if I would play bass with them […]

Ronny Carle (The Laughing Dogs)

  By Joe Iaquinto   Living in New York in the 1970s, disco, and playing disco music in clubs, was unavoidable.  In hindsight, some of the music was downright fantastic, especially for us bass players, but at the time, the stigma attached to it was overwhelming.   As if to answer the prayers of those […]