It’s not a chord until we play a note!


It’s not a chord until we play a note!


which is a series of brief missives and

video interviews which are aimed

to entertain and (perhaps) enlighten the masses.

Tailored for social media and digital platforms,

KYBP is a quick, informative read

highlighting the players’ most important works!


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Latest posts

Ashley Suppa (Plush)

  Ashley Suppa… A Know Your Bass Player Q&A by Joe Gagliardo   Borne of a musically talented brood, and hailed as the “female version of Cliff Burton,” bassist Ashley Suppa caught the eyes and ears of Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley who recruited her to sing backing vocals on his Anomaly album, released in 2009. […]

Ricardo Rodriguez

Ricardo Rodriguez by Tony Senatore   I first heard about Ricardo Rodriguez when I was hired to play bass on the Shrapnel Records release entitled Midnight Drive in 1991. At that time, Ricardo was making a name for himself as a fiery bassist in the tradition of Billy Sheehan, and we traveled in the same […]

NOTES FROM AN ARTIST Radio / Podcast / Video Series / Live Events

    Bassist, author, and educator David C. Gross and bassist, journalist Tom Semioli host Notes From An Artist on – an insightful, intriguing, and informative two-hour talk / music program which brings listeners behind-the- scenes with individuals who have forged a profound impact on contemporary culture.   With 50,000 + listeners, Notes From […]

Tom’s Top Ten Reasons Why You Should “Own” One Bass…

  One: The bass is your spouse. If you are fortunate in life to find the ideal soul mate, why cheat? Why look elsewhere? Older players understand where I’m coming from…youthful indiscretion is an important part of…. youth! And growth. (Note that the author has been married twice!)    Two: You become a better player […]

Dave Pomeroy (Nashville)

  A bona fide Nashville legend…here’s DP’s official bio from, of all places,   Dave Pomeroy has been on the cutting edge of Nashville’s music scene for more than 40 years as a bassist, bandleader, and producer. He was born in Naples Italy, into a U.S. military family and lived in Colorado, England, Virginia […]