It’s not a chord until we play a note!


It’s not a chord until we play a note!


which is a series of brief missives and

video interviews which are aimed

to entertain and (perhaps) enlighten the masses.

Tailored for social media and digital platforms,

KYBP is a quick, informative read

highlighting the players’ most important works!


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Latest posts

Latest posts

An Appreciation of Allman Brothers Bassist David Goldflies

‘ Appreciation: recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something; gratitude; a piece of writing in which the qualities of a person or the person’s work are discussed and assessed; a full understanding of a situation.   In November 2016 Huffington Post Entertainment published my annual Bass Players Who Belong in the […]

Thad Stevens (Böndbreaker, Immortal Guardian, Descendants of Erdrick)

By KYBP Austin Bureau Chief Robert Jenkins “Austin Underground”   Thad Stevens. Thad Stevens. Thad! Stevens!   Know that name. Know that bass player. Because Thad Stevens is one of the best bassists on the Austin Underground scene right now. He is a dedicated fretless player with a wide range of abilities that allows him to […]

Tom’s Trail Guardian Bass Player – Thereabouts Whereabouts…

Conceived, created, and gestated by Dr. Patricia Arean, this bass playing miniature replica of Know Your Bass Player “honcho” and Notes From An Artist radio / podcast host Tom Semioli traverses landmark locales in New York City….        Rooftop hang on the #UpperEastSide of #Manhattan…. #trailguardian #bass #bassplayer #FenderBass #FenderPrecisionBass #BassGuitar #NewYorkCity #NewYorkCityBassPlayer […]

Michael League (Snarky Puppy) VIDEO INTERVIEW

  Hosts David C. Gross and Tom Semioli converse with bassist, producer, collaborator, entrepreneur, label owner, recording artist, musical director, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and light-bulb changer Michael League from his home in Spain. ML discusses his new solo record “Right Where I Fall” which was released on 6/25, his work with Snarky Puppy, his ongoing musical […]

Richard Thompson Discusses His Bass Players VIDEO INTERVIEW

  “Ask him about throwing Roy Harper off a ferry!” In this video preview from an episode of The Bass Guitar Channel Radio Show on Cygnus Radio with host David C. Gross and Know Your Bass Player “honcho” Tom Semioli, Richard Thompson discusses the bassists he’s employed over the years including Jerry Scheff (Elvis Presley, […]