Mick Karn (Japan)


Bassist / composer / recording artist / multi-instrumentalist Andonis Michaelides aka Mick Karn came to prominence with innovative UK new wave / glam / experimental collective Japan – also featuring David Sylvian, Rob Dean, Richard Barbieri, and Steve Jansen.


A fretless master who played bassoon as a child, including an appearance with the London Symphony Schools Orchestra, Karn’s melodic prowess paved the way for such players as Pino Palladino who took the fretless to the top of the charts in the 1980s.


Japan enjoyed a string of hits in the late ‘70s through the early ’80s waxing several groundbreaking and influential sides and singles. Pressure and the usual internal conflicts which prompt bands to go bust put an end to Japan in 1982 – which is a shame as this band was tailor made (pun intended) for MTV.


Karn was an in-demand player – collaborator – writer in his own right – working with Gary Numan, Diana Ross, Midge Ure, Peter Murphy, Bill Nelson, Kate Bush, Joan Armatrading, and Angie Bowie, among others. He occasionally teamed with various ex-Japan mates as well.


A sculptor and a student of Psychotherapy at West London College, Karn passed at age 52 from cancer.


Mick Karn Sound & Vision…


Mick Karn Bass Sampler: https://youtu.be/7IanvhpoGCA


Mick Karn & David Sylvain “When Love Walks In” https://youtu.be/gMvlEyWpjdA


Bill Nelson “Glow World” https://youtu.be/CjjqNh9ommw


Dalis Car with Peter Murphy “His Box”  https://youtu.be/_f9sSC2J7fQ


Gary Numan “She’s Got Claws” https://youtu.be/EW02-y0A9e0   


Midge Ure “No Regrets” Live https://youtu.be/DMl_wPCv0No


Mick Karn:


“Bestial Cluster” Live https://youtu.be/0_ER2AADsWg  


“Sleepers Awake” Live https://youtu.be/rzt7dF5jwhs




“Quiet Life” https://youtu.be/xhm-EqcPta0


“Gentlemen Take Photographs” https://youtu.be/xhm-EqcPta0