Van Conner (Screaming Trees)


A prolific player, bassist Van Conner was best known as a co-founder of iconic alternative rockers Screaming Trees. Akin to many who anchored aggressive ensembles in the grunge era, Conner was a no frills roots player – serving the song whilst providing a firm foundation for the sonic onslaught of guitars and assorted rhythmic mayhem.


In addition to his Trees pedigree, Connor also fronted Solomon Grundy as a lead vocalist / guitarist, and formed several low profile alt-rock collectives. Connor also performed with kindred-spirits Dinosaur Jr. on occasion in the 1990s.


Van Conner Sound & Vision…


Screaming Trees:


“Nearly Lost You”


“Dollar Bill”


“Shadow of the Season”


“Sworn and Broken”


Solomon Grundy “Time is Not Your Own”