Tony Senatore (Rook) Studio 601: Music Against Drugs & Alcohol / “The Path”

Rook bassist Tony Senatore affords a public service announcement on behalf of Studio 601 “Music Against Drugs and Alcohol”


When I was a student at Columbia University, I made a comment in class that human beings, regardless of geographic location, all aspire towards the same things. Love, family, and the never-ending quest to find the meaning of life are just a few of the things that bind us together. I asserted that when it comes right down to it, global citizens have more similarities than they do differences. My comment was summarily rejected by my professor, but in retrospect, I stand behind my original statement. Drug and alcohol addiction is a problem that we all face. Often, those that suffer with these afflictions have long periods of remission from disease, only to have their addiction recur many years later. The staff at Studio 601 realize that drug and alcohol addiction is a serious problem.


To raise awareness to addiction, they have put together a non-traditional concert event in which musicians share their views of the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. In their own words, and in their native languages, musical performers from around the world share their music and their stories in an entirely internet-based concert event. The wonderful Soviet teacher Vasily Sukhomlinsky said that just as gymnastics straightens the body, music straightens the soul. Music has the manifest function of giving us immediate joy and gratification, but it also has a latent function; it helps to awaken the idea of the sublime, majestic and beautiful, not only in the surrounding world, but also in ourselves. Music is a powerful means of self-education. We must help our children make the right choice.


As such, Studio 601 is proud to present this virtual concert whose primary goal is to convey that playing and listening to music is a powerful alternative to drug and alcohol addiction. Studio 601 would like to thank all the musicians who participated in the concert. Your support in the fight against this serious problem of humanity which has affected the entire world, is greatly appreciated. The staff at Know Your Bass Player would like to thank Juliya Gorbachyova who represents the soviet satellite branch of our KYBP organization for her tireless efforts in procuring talent for this event.


The original date for the six-hour concert event was planned for October 3rd, a significant date, as it coincides with World Sobriety Day. However, to comply with various laws and regulations, the concert event will be rescheduled, and we will keep you posted as to the new date, and a link to the event.


“The Path” Rook, the Progressive Jazz / Fusion band formed in 2020. A versatile set of musicians whose foundations are firmly rooted in music theory and improvisation, who have honed their skills over the years with never ending playing and practice in the Tri-State Area. Rook’s Chariot is the stage — and each member of the band can take the reins at any point during a performance and set the tempo of the song. Alan LoPresti (guitar / vocals), Andy Rothstein (guitar), Tony Senatore (bass), Tom Cottone (drums), Joe Deninzon (violin)