Evan Jagels (Blake Fleming Trio)

Photo by Neil Segal


Evan Jagels fortifies his playing by practicing…. yoga! And likely jazz improv, classical etudes, and similar. A prolific and versatile player, teacher, composer, sideman, collaborator, performing and recording artist, among other titles; Jagels also claims to have created a new musical art form as well…read on!


A harmonically and rhythmically adventurous upright / electric player based in New York City; Evan does things the trad way: he earned a Masters Degree in Musical Performance in the borough known for producing some of the world’s most renowned bassists – Queens College in Queens County, New York. Among his mentors include two icons of the instrument: Ron Carter and Buster Williams.


A member of the Blake Fleming Trio and rockabilly/psychobilly collective The Mopar Cams, Jagels also anchors Elvanelle Music, described as “a time-defying curation of vaudeville, hot jazz, folk, cabaret and contemporary music.” His role as an educator spans the New York Summer Music Festival, the Oneonta Pop Music Experience, JazzConnect at Flushing Town Hall, and SUNY Oneonta. At present Evan is Lecturer of Music at Hartwick College.


Among Jagels wide array of international recording and stage credits include Arlen Roth, Martin Bisi (Swans, Sonic Youth, Herbie Hancock), Paul Berberich, Ray Vega, Gerry Weldon, Antonio Hart, Michael Mossman, Ray Anderson, John Stowell, and Chuck Lamb.


With regard to the aforementioned new genre/art form dubbed Improvignette, says Jagels:  An improvised piece of music under one minute in length which conveys a complete musical idea. It’s a word that I made up, and an artistic idea that I got from flash fiction aka cigarette novels.  


For all things Evan Jagels visit https://www.evanjagelsmusic.com/    


Evan Jagels Sound & Vision:


Blake Fleming Trio:


“Dunderberg Gallery #1”  https://youtu.be/ldOxTOaH13w


“Dunderberg Gallery #2” https://youtu.be/WAp_2Gv0SuQ


“Clip 2” https://youtu.be/QntvmRQJLiY


Freelance Armstrong “The Chicken” https://youtu.be/xoBm_fDx9Lk


“Solo with Loop Pedal” https://youtu.be/v2dD3c3nhvU