Steve Mackey (Pulp)

Courtesy of Pulp People Com


Bassist for the band Pulp in their Brit Pop glory daze (circa 1992-97), Steve Mackey was the consummate song player.


Providing the harmonic foundation for Messrs. Jarvis Cocker and guitarist Russell Senior, Mackey’s passages as rendered on a Fender Jazz and MusicMan grooved mightily. Among the few bands that lived up to the hype, Pulp were pop purveyors extraordinaire, and one would have thought they’d have lasted a lot longer but…such is rock and roll.


Following his tenure in said band, Mackey, who was also a composer, worked as a mixing engineer / producer with Florence and the Machine, M.I.A. and Arcade Fire, among others.  Steve occasionally collaborated with his ex-mates on various projects including Weird Sisters with Pulp pontiff Jarvis Cocker.


Steve Mackey Sound & Vision…with Pulp




“Common People”


“This is Hardcore”




“Something Changed”


Courtesy of Pulp People Com