Lewis Wharton (Little Barrie)

Courtesy of Little Barrie Com


Behold the power of the power trio! Named for their Nottingham UK ace guitarist Barrie Cadogan (it was his nickname), the ensemble dubbed Little Barrie traverses classic rock, funk, soul, psychedelia, garage, experimental and permutations thereof.


Championed by Johnny Marr, and Edwyn Collins, Little Barrie also featured the formidable skills of drummer Virgil Howe, son of Yes guitarist Steve, until his untimely passing in 2017. (He has since been succeeded by Malcolm Catto.)


Bassist Lewis Wharton, whom Barrie met a mod clothing store on Carnaby Street (a rarity nowadays given the Foot Locker and GAP presence), is a dexterous cat who flexes his groove and melodic chops given the situation.


Lewis’ weapons of choice include vintage Fender instruments, and volume aplenty abetted by effects.



Lewis Wharton Sound & Vision


“Tip It Over” https://youtu.be/8WF44b5MHq4


“Rest In Blue” https://youtu.be/yxUrap_gJfw


“Surfer Hell” https://youtu.be/OEyhbLqss_k


“Eyes Were Young” https://youtu.be/q83x9VWDL-Q