Lance Hoppen (Orleans)

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Working under a moniker inspired by their love of all things ‘Nawlins – namely Dr. John, Neville Brothers, The Meters, and Alan Toussaint; Orleans was founded by songwriter / guitarist John Hall in Woodstock, New York in the early 1970s.


 Among Hall’s collaborators was keyboardist / guitarist Larry Hoppen who enlisted his teenage brother Lance to play bass, and the rest, as they say is history…


Following two commercial flops, Orleans struck gold in ’75 as slick pop rock became a hit radio staple, and their ensuing slabs reached the upper echelon of the singles and album charts.


Akin to his mentor, legendary New Orleans bassist George Porter Jr., Hoppen’s melodic / pocket passages served as hooks as well as a harmonic and rhythmic foundation. An accomplished vocalist, Lance also sang on recordings by Michael Franks, Jonelle Mosser, Steve Wariner, and served as a bassist / vocalist with Suzy Bogguss, Larry Hoppen, and Kathy Baillie among others. 


When Hall split from the band in ’77 and changes in musical tastes rendered the band out-of-style, Orleans’ commercial and artistic trailed off considerably, and by the 80s they were done. However given the cyclical nature of the music business, a new appreciation for the era’s pop artists commenced in the early 21st Century, and Orleans has been on the nostalgia circuit ever since. 


In 2017 Lance waxed his first solo side Conjuring. His primary weapon of choice is Fender Precision! 


In addition to his ongoing tenure in Orleans, Hoppen also anchors The Rocketmen – an Elton John repertory ensemble based in Nashville.


Lance Hoppen Sound & Vision:




“Still The One”


“Dance With Me”


“Love Takes Time”


Larry Hoppen “Love Takes Time”


Lance Solo:


“Beautiful World”


“Oh Boy”


The Rocketmen


KYBP Adjunct Professor Tony Senatore Renders Lance Hoppen


“Still The One”


“White I Need”