Stephen Stills (CSN&Y, Joni Mitchell)

Renowned for his iconic status as a singer, songwriter, recording artist, and guitarist, Stephen Stills, akin to his contemporary Ronnie Wood, is an exemplary bassist.


Stills simultaneously serves as both a melodic player given to upper register motifs, and a pocket player on various CSN&Y sessions and permutations thereof, and with Joni Mitchell. His work on the debut CSN self-titled slab (1969) stands among the greatest rock bass albums of any era. Stills weapons of choice include Fender and Guild basses. 


 Stephen Stills Sound & Vision…


Crosby, Stills, Nash:


“Suite: Judy Blue Eyes”


“Wooden Ships”


Joni Mitchell:


“Night in the City”


Tony Senatore Renders “Carey”


Crosby Stills Nash & Young:


“Carry On”


“Teach Your Children”