John Carey

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A wizard, a true star….


Versatility be thy name. Bassist, composer, educator, humorist, recording artist, sideman, producer, author, journalist, band-member, collaborator, muti-instrumentalist … John Carey is a fixture on the New York City music scene. His impressive body of work spans theater, assorted varieties of session work; rock, jazz, folk, funk and permutations thereof on stage and on record.


Carey’s tome, The Working Bassist, What You Really Need to Know to Survive in New York City (2008), is essential reading for any player seeking to squeeze out a living on our instrument. 


Utilizing a variety of instruments in assorted configurations from the trad-4 to extended range, fretless, along with effects aplenty; John’s eclecticism is reflected in his expansive canon.   


This cat can play anything with authenticity and expertise. John’s ever-expanding list of projects, releases, gigs, and collaborators would break the internet, so keep tabs on JC by way of JohnCarey.Net and PlanetBassNYC on YouTube.


John Carey Sound & Vision…


“Hard Vision”


“Son of the House”


“So Bold”




“Revelry Now- Someone Like You”