Margaret LaBombard (Slyboots)

Courtesy Margaret LaBombard FB


“If a song makes you feel something, you can thank the bass player!”


Whilst willingly winnowing her musical aspirations as a high-school student Margaret LaBombard made her F clef bones on trombone long before her interest electric bass tones, of which she intones “we bass players are all connected by the low frequency…”


A student of KYBPOF Season One star Mike Visceglia and KYBP confidant John Carey (we’ll get you on film soon, I promise), among others, MLB grooves gracefully with an occasional melodic extension on the trad-4 and extended range 5.


Her main gig is anchoring NYC based new-wave-ish popsters Slyboots with KG Noble.  


Margaret LaBombard Sound & Vision


“If We Could Let Go”


“Kicking the Stars”


“Beautiful Loser”


Courtesy of Slyboots Com