Vivien Garry (Vivien Garry Trio / Quartet)

By Thomas Semioli

A woman’s place is in the groove!


She was a bass player who helped erase the gender line in America’s preeminent artform at the height of its popularity. ‘Twas a time in the 20th Century wherein female presence on the jazz bandstand was usually reserved for chirpers and hoofers. Enter Vivien Garry, born in 1920 and working the doghouse as a pro by the mid-1940s. Ms. Garry waxed sides for independent jazz record imprints aplenty, and scored a major label deal with RCA Victor as a bandleader- a rarity for bassists regardless of their biological disposition. 


In ’46 vivacious Viv formed the Vivien Garry Trio, and later Quartet with her renown guitarist – husband Arv Garrison.  Among Garry’s collaborators included another barrier breaking woman of note, violinist Ginger Smock. Vivien also anchored ensembles featuring top cats such as Shorty Rogers, Shelly Manne, Jimmy Giuffre,  Ricky Jordan, and Eddy Edell.


 Vivien Garry Sound & Vision….




“Operation Mop”


“A Woman’s Place is In the Groove” with Ginger Smock