Adam Clayton (U2)


Given the high profile of his band, and the even higher profile of the singer and guitarist he so ably serves, he is probably the least recognized of his profession among the iconic collectives in the history of rock music. In fact, he may be more recognized for dating super-models! Nice work if you can get it…


Working a Fender Precision or Fender Jazz or permutations thereof, Adam Charles Clayton possesses an instinctive grasp of rhythm and space. His phrasing is fueled by dub, soul, and reggae influences- and he expresses more in three cyclic notes than many of his peers whose fingers fly up and down the neck of their instrument. 


As U2 have evolved over the years, so too has Adam’s artistry with regard to melody, rhythm, and harmony.


Adam Clayton Sound & Vision:


“New Year’s Day” (Inspired by the Polish solidarity movement, this monster bass passage commenced as Clayton’s botched attempt to decipher the chord changes to Visage’s synth-pop hit “Fade to Grey.”) 


“You’re The Best Thing About Me”


“Staring at the Sun”




“Get On Your Boots”


“I’ll Go Crazy”


“Mysterious Ways”

Courtesy U2 Com