Marshall “Rock” Jones (Ohio Players)


A founding member of the Ohio Untouchables in 1959, later to become the Ohio Players, turban headed Marshall “Rock” Jones anchored one of America’s premiere crossover funk ensembles.



Incorporating elements of jazz, rhythm & blues, and pop, the Ohio Players were a staple on AM/FM radio, Soul Train, Midnight Special, and “boom boxes” aka a transistorized portable cassette / radios with noticeably loud low frequency speakers…


With a seemingly infinite repertoire of dance motifs, Rock’s rock solid bass lines buoyed the band’s hooky horn melodies hit after hit after hit.  No telling how much Rock has been sampled rap, dance, and hip-hop artists. Jones’ main weapon of choice was the Fender Precision, which was always up in the mix!



Rock retired from the band in 1984 following their Graduation album – their first to miss the charts which essentially signaled the end of their recording career.


Rock Jones Sound & Vision…


On Top of the Pops “Fire”

“Love Rollercoaster”

“Funky Worm”

“Skin Tight”

“Sweet Sticky Thing”