Dug Pinnick (King’s X)

Courtesy of Schecter Com

By Thomas Semioli


Pinnick is the pinnacle!


Perhaps the rock ‘n’ roll gods will one day reveal why King’s X was denied the commercial successes of Metallica, Rush, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and Def Leppard.


Bandleader, bassist, composer, singer, collaborator, recording artist Dug Pinnick began his musical journey singing in his high school choir in Joliet, Illinois. Inspired by the sounds of funk, rhythm & blues, Led Zeppelin, Sly Stone, and Motown; Pinnick formed King’s X in the early 1980s which combines all of those influences into a unique meld.


An extended range innovator, and prolific recording artist with scores of side projects, Pinnick’s penchant for penning catchy melodies with deep, self-exploratory lyrics rendered with a soulful elegance distinguishes him from his peers within the metal milieu. 


Dug Pinnick Sound & Vision…


“Pray” https://youtu.be/mg3mUhGVCgo


“Key Changer” https://youtu.be/KaF00__70Uk 


“Rescue Me” https://youtu.be/cD40-CJljas 


“All Gods Children” https://youtu.be/1rNqcKE2AOE 


Dig Tony Senatore’s rendition of select Dug passages!


“Goldilox” https://youtu.be/MKKacLKGM_g


“Over My Head” https://youtu.be/AIQb_rVV4wo


“Mr. Wilson” https://youtu.be/HrxuARv698w


“It’s Love” https://youtu.be/KDdhqAfy3xE