Joe Puerta (Ambrosia, Bruce Hornsby)

Courtesy of Ambrosia Com


He is the anchor (and vocalist, producer, composer, and The Exchange studio owner in Milwaukee…) of prog-rock-pop powerhouse Ambrosia.  Formed in 1970 in Los Angeles, founding members Joseph Puerta, Christopher North, David Pack and Burleigh Drummond created a unique blend of progressive, pop, and rhythm & blues which garnered them heavy rotation on FM radio, in addition to multiple Grammy nominations, box-office sellouts, and platinum slabs aplenty.



Ambrosia are well respected among musicians and fans of the 1970s jazz-fusion era. Their boundary breaking collaborations include recordings with Leonard Bernstein, Kurt Vonnegut, Sheena Easton, Bruce Hornsby, and Alan Parsons.



Puerta’s bass artistry is as adventurous as the ensemble he commandeers, plying harmonic counterpoint and pocket grooves as the songs warrant. 



In the mid-80s when Ambrosia was on hiatus, Puerta was a founding member of Bruce Hornsby’s ensemble “The Range” which wax a platinum slabs and singles.  Joe also toured with Sheena Easton.



Ambrosia remains active on the concert circuit well into the 21st Century with Puerta, Drummond, and North in the line-up along with guitarist Doug Jackson and vocalist Mary Harris.



Joe Puerta Sound & Vision

With Ambrosia…

“How Much I Feel”

“You’re the Biggest Part of Me”

“Holdin’ On to Yesterday”


With Bruce Hornsby & The Range….

“The Way It Is”

“The Valley Road”

“Every Little Kiss”