Jah Wobble (PiL, Invaders of the Heart)

An incredibly prolific and diverse composer, producer, recording artist, journalist, multi-instrumentalist, poet, band-leader, in-demand collaborator, author (Memoirs of a Geezer: Music, Life, Mayhem -2009), and ex-London Underground employee, the former John Joseph Wardle’s bass artistry is steeped in the rhythms and resonance of dub and world music.  


Renowned for his work in Public Image Ltd. among numerous other collectives,  Jah Wobble has helped expand the language of modern music by deconstructing genres as diverse as pop, ambient, punk, experimental, and electronica and permutations thereof and wax engaging slabs in the process!


Wobble was inspired to pick up the instrument upon hearing Aston “Family Man” Barrett with Bob Marley in1975. The moniker “Jah Wobble” was conjured by his squat-mate, Sex Pistols’ bassist Sid Vicious, who had trouble pronouncing his roomie’s name whilst under the influence – which they both usually were.


Jah Wobble Sound & Vision:

Public Image Ltd.

“Poptones” Live https://youtu.be/b8e2CTB9oeQ

“Public Image” https://youtu.be/ylOCIP54PIQ


Jah Wobble & Invaders of the Heart      

“Visions of You” with Sinead O’Connor https://youtu.be/qwGEsCKv-H8

“The Sun Does Rise” with Dolores O’Riordan https://youtu.be/UAzvry448Lk

“Becoming More Like God” with Arnelli Drecker https://youtu.be/rSWJpZXeGvs


Jah Misc…

Snake Charmer with Holger Czukay, The Edge “Hold On To Your Dreams” https://youtu.be/WF_SxvpS8-g

“A Very British Coup” with Mark Stewart, Youth, Keith Levine: https://youtu.be/VWebH2xEli0