John McCoy (Gillan, Bernie Torme)

Courtesy of Angel Air Co UK

There’s no avoiding John McCoy… on stage, or on record!


A showman, multi-instrumentalist (cello, horns, guitar, drums…and upright) and beloved mainstay on the British metal scene since the 1970s, John has anchored numerous ensembles, some under his own name, and most notably in the service of Ian Gillan sans Deep Purple and with the late, great guitarist Bernie Torme.


The burly, baldheaded, bottom busting, be-spectacled bassist is a groove pumping powerhouse with a whopping resonance akin to his physical presence.  Given the fact that he started his career in the biz as a guitarist with The Drovers in the mid-1960s, McCoy is particularly suited to accompany six-string virtuosos. John’s weapon of choice is a battered Fender Precision run through various permutations of Marshall and Trace Elliot rigs. 



John McCoy Sound & Vision…


McCoy “Because You Lied”


McCoy “Demon Rose”


Gillan “On The Rocks”


Mammoth “Fatman”


GMT (Robin Guy, John McCoy, Bernie Torme) “You Can’t Beat Rock and Roll”