Holger Czukay (Can)


A recording artist, producer, composer, collaborator (Brian Eno, Jah Wobble, David Sylvian, The Edge, and the Eurythmics, among many others), video artist, humorist, and most notably co-founder of the experimental rock ensemble Can, bassist / multi-instrumentalist Holger Czukay‘s canon embraced ambient, pop, jazz, rock, avant-garde, classical, folk, and permutations thereof.


A student of Stockhausen, Holger became a music teacher in the late 1960s. He became interested in rock music when one of his students turned him on to The Velvet Underground, Frank Zappa, and John Lennon’s signature psychedelic anthem “I Am the Walrus.”  


A cat who could work the pocket or take it outside (“Two Bass Shuffle” – from On the Way to the Peak of Normal -1981), Czukay also pioneered sampling in the pre-digital era.



Holger Cuzkay Sound & Vision


“Two Bass Shuffle” https://youtu.be/Q0UZD508bzU

“Persian Love” https://youtu.be/mjZHN1CX77Q

Bassist Rosko Gee with Holger on keyboards “Dizzy Dizzy / Don’t Say No” https://youtu.be/Dm4JQvNMeU4

“Dizzy Dizzy” with Holger on bass https://youtu.be/MgsUongrSkM