Gail Greenwood (Belly, L7)

Courtesy Belly Band Com


No frills, no problem!

Totally tonic note referencing, pulsating pocket groove bassist Gail Greenwood anchored two influential and commercially successful alternative rock ensembles in the roaring ‘90s: Belly and L7.

A guitarist, writer, and spirited performer (watch the video clips) who carries the punk ethos to a new generation, Ms. Greenwood is also an activist for responsible land development and conservation.  

Belly reunited in 2016, and released their third official slab Dove in 2018.

Gail’s preferred weapon of choice a low slung the Gibson Thunderbird. So you wanna be a rock and roll star?

Gail Greenwood Sound and Vision

With Belly:

“Super Connected”

“Gepetto” Live on the Jon Stewart Show

“Gepetto” Official Video

“Shiny One”

“Slow Dog” on Later…with Jools Holland

With L7


Courtesy Belly Band Com