Fernando Saunders (Lou Reed, Jeff Beck, One Truth)



Fernando Saunders is more than a bassist…he’s a one-man orchestra!

His tenure with Lou Reed is a master class in the symphonic powers of the fretless bass in a rock context.

Fernando with Lou:

“Legendary Hearts” https://youtu.be/Ltk-F6eFfmc

“My House” https://youtu.be/Dtiih7wk4uQ

“Pow Wow” https://youtu.be/VS5mzCDz2vQ

“New Sensations.” https://youtu.be/PrXIoHyfObg

Saunders’ approach to the instrument is composition. Akin to Sir Paul, and Brian Wilson – to cite two – Fernando’s bass passages are songs within the songs by way of his chord extensions – coupled with his use of harmonics, pedal tones, and sustained notes.

Fernando has waxed seminal sides with Jeff Beck, John McLaughlin, and Marianne Faithfull, among others, and his collaborations are numerous.

Fernando with Jan Hammer and Jeff Beck:

“Earth (Still Our Only Home)” https://youtu.be/2i9tEXyDqes

Fernando with John and the One Truth Band: “Electric Dreams Electric Sighs” https://youtu.be/18Lnod4TAsY

Fernando with Marianne: “Times Square” https://youtu.be/B8CqnKYfNTQ

Dig Fernando with Marianne “Live in LA” (Part 1) https://youtu.be/In0_XQfbiyw

“Live in LA” (Part 2) https://youtu.be/nDwQrziwW0M

Fernando flying solo “I Will Break Your Fall” https://youtu.be/3Cr_WgCxBJE

Keep up with all things Fernando :  http://fernandosaunders.net/