Jerome Arnold (Butterfield Blues Band, Bob Dylan)

Sunday, July 25, 1965 – Bob Dylan takes the stage of the hallowed Newport Folk Festival backed by Mike Bloomfield, Al Kooper, Sam Lay and the most significant affront to the aesthetic of traditional folk – an electric (Fender Jazz) bass in the hands of Jerome Arnold! The rest, as they say, is history…and a moment in time which reverberates over a half-century and counting.


In addition to his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame tenure with the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Chicago born Romeo Maurice “Jerome” Arnold also anchored a few Howlin’ Wolf ensembles – all of which continue to inspire generations of blues rock artists.


Working soulful rhythms, harmonic extensions, and jazzy chromatic runs; Jerome’s support of Butterfield, Bloomfield, Dylan, and the former Chester Arthur Burnett was a major factor in the acceptance of the electric bass in the studio and on stage.


 Jerome Arnold with Paul Butterfield:


“East West”


Arnold swingin’ on “Work Song”