Randy Jo Jobbs (Johnny Winter, The McCoys)


Randy Jo, a dandy persona with mutton chops and fanciful headwear, plied brazen funky, staccato lines in the service of Johnny Winter as the guitar icon switched gears from blues to a more soulful  mainstream line-up which sometimes included Rick Derringer, keys, horns, and backing vocalists.


Mr. Hobbs, who was a member The McCoys (“Hang On Sloopy”/ 1965) with Derringer, anchored such seminal sides as Johnny Winter And (1970), Still Alive and Well (1973), and Saints & Sinners (1974) among others, and was featured on Ronnie Montrose’s Jump On It (1976). Working with a plectrum, Hobbs rendered a perfect balance of treble and bottom in the studio and on stage. His main weapons of choice were Fender Precision, and Dan Armstrong basses. 


Randy Jo Hobbs Sound & Vision…

Johnny Winter:

“Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo” in ’71 at a Backstage Jam. https://youtu.be/o5R_7unuvPI

“Still Live And Well” https://youtu.be/mb2frZOA1Fw

“Rock and Roll People” (John Lennon) https://youtu.be/Evaw2APwUK0

Randy Jo and Ronnie Montrose:

“Let’s Go” https://youtu.be/9p35aVdBZr8

“Jump On It” https://youtu.be/jZCo1u3QQ8s

Randy Jo lip-synching “Hang On Sloopy” with The McCoys https://youtu.be/DO2Y2sGZ1dk


Courtesy of Johnny Winter Com