Randy Jo Jobbs (Johnny Winter, The McCoys)


Randy Jo, a dandy persona with mutton chops and fanciful headwear, plied brazen funky, staccato lines in the service of Johnny Winter as the guitar icon switched gears from blues to a more soulful  mainstream line-up which sometimes included Rick Derringer, keys, horns, and backing vocalists.


Mr. Hobbs, who was a member The McCoys (“Hang On Sloopy”/ 1965) with Derringer, anchored such seminal sides as Johnny Winter And (1970), Still Alive and Well (1973), and Saints & Sinners (1974) among others, and was featured on Ronnie Montrose’s Jump On It (1976). Working with a plectrum, Hobbs rendered a perfect balance of treble and bottom in the studio and on stage. His main weapons of choice were Fender Precision, and Dan Armstrong basses. 


Dig Randy Jo and Johnny working Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo in ’71 at a Backstage Jam. https://youtu.be/o5R_7unuvPI


Randy Jo and Johnny Winter:

“Still Live And Well” https://youtu.be/mb2frZOA1Fw

“Rock and Roll People” (John Lennon) https://youtu.be/Evaw2APwUK0

Randy Jo and Ronnie Montrose

“Let’s Go” https://youtu.be/9p35aVdBZr8

“Jump On It” https://youtu.be/jZCo1u3QQ8s

Randy Jo lip-synching “Hang On Sloopy” with The McCoys https://youtu.be/DO2Y2sGZ1dk