Harvey Sharpe (The Seeds)


They were one of rock’s greatest influencers, yet remain largely unknown to the masses. And though press photos and lip-sync TV clips show The Seeds’ bandleader Sky Saxon as a bassist, or the band with no bassist at all – the player who actually cut those groovin’ tracks was session cat Harvey Sharpe.


Essentially “the fifth Seed” Sharpe shaped soulful passages into the band’s magnificent mélange of psychedelic blues and garage rock.


Harvey Sharpe from the Documentary “Pushin’ Too Hard” A Film by Neil Norman https://youtu.be/nE-eFMeM7ys


Sound & Vision….Harvey and The Seeds:


“Excuse Excuse” https://youtu.be/HKWcJeIELsI


“Can’t Seem To Take You Off of My Mind” https://youtu.be/mWRslLvUCOk


“Pushin’ Too Hard” https://youtu.be/aKZ1NYmgDHc