Gordon Edwards (Stuff)

By Thomas Semioli


Gone at Last, Mind Games, Sweet Disposition, Stranded in a Limousine….  Live from New York, it’s Gordon Edwards!


He was the bassist who helped forge the soundtrack of the Big Apple in the 1970s wherein jazz, funk, punk, rock, disco and reggae created a magical musical brew.


The Bronx was burning uptown, CBGB was forging new waves downtown, and the beautiful people were boogieing in mid-town Studio 54 as Gordon Edwards grooved mightily with passages that percolated with the rhythm of the streets.


Edwards was surprise choice for John Lennon’s Mind Games (1973) as the ex-Beatle usually favored unadorned accompaniment from his bassists. Gordon contributed a funky undertow to one of Lennon’s most under-appreciated collections. 


A first call session cat, Gordon was a founding member of Stuff, a highly sought-after ensemble comprised of studio legends at the peak of their collective and individual powers: Richard Tee (keyboards), Eric Gale and Cornell Dupree (guitars), and drummers Chris Parker and Steve Gadd. Stuff and Edwards were everywhere in that halcyon era – in the clubs, touring, and recording under their own name and backing such artists as Paul Simon, Phoebe Snow, Daryl Hall & John Oates, Leon Thomas, Joe Cocker, Carla Bley, Donny Hathaway, and Aretha Franklin, among many others.



Gordon was the bassist on the infamous SNL episode wherein John Belushi spoofed Joe Cocker! https://youtu.be/aZsOyO_lXD8



Gordon Edwards Sound & Vision…



Stuff live at Montreux in 1976: https://youtu.be/MZcTP3-ARFQ


Joe Cocker:


“The Jealous Kind” https://youtu.be/F-FaZTyLkq4


“I Broke Down” https://youtu.be/c7MMhIbrPB8


“The Man In Me” https://youtu.be/hHwK_RWrHcs


John Lennon:


“Mind Games” https://youtu.be/QLeObvcUii4


“Intuition” https://youtu.be/7KI0nVS2BtU


“Only People” https://youtu.be/-SVbqK01ImM


Paul Simon:


“Tenderness” https://youtu.be/WNcmOBVvuxs


“Gone At Last” https://youtu.be/wT_zVoA6mYE


“Stranded in a Limousine” https://youtu.be/xVvbxAIrT-Y


Daryl Hall & John Oates: “Las Vegas Turnaround” https://youtu.be/up0qIJlETO4


Aretha Franklin: “With Everything I Feel in Me” https://youtu.be/37_c2VzXsfI


Grover Washington: “No Tears in the End” https://youtu.be/ZApAWvaZoZw


Donny Hathaway: “Magdalena” https://youtu.be/M-fPEiFxLt8


Carla Bley: “Song Sung Long” https://youtu.be/_VvfhAoaGC4


Phoebe Snow: “Sweet Disposition” https://youtu.be/PhxryBBwN4g


Leon Thomas: “Let’s Go  Down to Lucy” https://youtu.be/1BnHNeUauww