Ged Grimes (Simple Minds, Meet Danny Wilson)

Courtesy of Sandberg Guitars

Though he plies an upright in the video clip, his sleek electric bass harmonics and groove passage on the massive 1987 “sophisti-pop” hit “Mary’s Prayer” with Meet Danny Wilson underpinned a timeless tune of its era – dare I say “standard.”

A busy session player who currently anchors Simple Minds, Gerard “Ged” Grimes is also a producer – composer for television , film, and video games (Earthworm Jim 3D, Enter the Matrix, Shrek 3, Amplitude and Quarrel); a sideman for noted Gaelic artists Kathleen MacInnes, Mackenzie, and Ellidh Cormack, and music business entrepreneur.


Ged is an endorser of Sandberg guitars and Mark Bass amplification.


Ged on stage with Simple Minds

“Big Music”

“Sanctify Yourself”