John Illsley (Dire Straits)

Courtesy of John Illsley Com


Bassist, pub-owner, singer, painter, band member, recording artist, TV presenter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist John Edward Illsley anchored Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ensemble Dire Straits for the entirety of their extraordinary career which spanned 1977 to 1995.


Given the presence of world class guitarist, songwriter Mark Knopfler, Illsley deftly worked the pocket with a trad tone in support of his bandleader – and they managed to sell over 100 million albums.


In 2005 John began performing and recording with Cunia, and Irish Celtic Rock Group. Among John’s weapons of choice include MusicMan StingRay, and Fender basses.


A prolific solo / collaborative recording artist, John has waxed nine slabs and runs East End Arms pub was has been cited among the “Fifty Best Pubs Around Britain” according to The London Times.

John Illsley Sound & Vision


With Dire Straits

“Skateaway” with Jayzik Azikiwe as the “roller girl.”

“Money for Nothing” with Gordon Sumner

“Sultans of Swing”

“So Far Away”

Solo John Illsley

“Long Shadow”

“Young Girl”