J.J. Burnel (The Stranglers)

Courtesy of The Stranglers Co UK Com

Armed with a Fender Precision, Rotosound round-wound strings, a HiWatt amp, and a background in classical guitar; bassist, vocalist, composer, producer Jean-Jaques Burnel has anchored the legendary post-punk, alternative rock icons The Stranglers since their inception in the 1970s.

An exceptional melodic and pocket player, Burnell draws from many influences spanning funk, ska, old-school classic rock, dance, electronica, blues, and reggae.

An early adopter of Trace Elliot amps, J.J. now endorses Ashdown with his signature JJ500 rig. Among his weapons of choice aside from Fender include the Yamaha BB2000, and Steinberger L2.

John Shuker created a J.J. Signature Bass which he now uses.  https://shukerguitars.co.uk/basses/j-j-burnel-signature-bass/


With The Stranglers:

“Skin Deep” https://youtu.be/aw9mEFn38to

“Golden Brown” https://youtu.be/z-GUjA67mdc

“Always The Sun” (Dig J.J. and his Steinberger XL https://youtu.be/8dEySTzQ6oc

“Do You Wanna” https://youtu.be/ctO4cX8SPJ4

“Longships” https://youtu.be/DoVPeHS03zg

“Sha Sha  a Go Go” https://youtu.be/-q3erBndoww

“No More Heroes” https://youtu.be/2tfy8f9lDD0

“No Mercy” https://youtu.be/QzrciavctzQ

“Peaches” https://youtu.be/j2w0rbp6J9Y

J.J. Solo

“Euroman Cometh” https://youtu.be/ysWp2FkZ9cc

“Un Jour Parfait” https://youtu.be/9NtknlcTKLc

With Pat DiNizio

“124 MPH” https://youtu.be/4E1uNcoehw4