Rick Rosas (Neil Young, Joe Walsh)

By Thomas Semioli


To my recollection, he was dubbed “Rick the Bass Player” on the Howard Stern Show during one of several raucous Joe Walsh appearances.*


 Among the top sidemen on the LA scene until his passing in 2014, Rick Rosas was an exemplary pocket / song player whose list of credits include several laudable slabs and tours with Neil Young (including CSN&Y, as a sub for Billy Talbot in Crazy Horse, and for a Buffalo Springfield reunion), Joe Walsh, Johnny Rivers, Terry Reid, Etta James, Ron Wood, and Johnny Rivers to cite a select few.


Rick appeared as “Buster” the bass player in Jonathan Demme’s final film Ricki and the Flash (2015).

*According to bassist Bill Cherensky Prior to Howard Stern, Joe Walsh had a show on FM radio (WPLJ, I think). He was Rick The Bass Player on there. The funniest thing I ever heard was his brilliant skewering of McCartney’s Silly Love Song. I mean, it takes talent to use bass playing as satire!


Rick Rosas Sound & Vision:

Joe Walsh “The Gamma Goochie” https://youtu.be/SVo8QQelhvU

Neil Young “Living With War” https://youtu.be/P5tNjdgLqws

Live with Terry Reid and Waddy Wachtel “You Don’t Know” https://youtu.be/C2OG7FXht6E