T.M. Stevens (Pretenders, Joe Cocker)

By Thomas Semioli

Resplendent in his kaleidoscopic haberdashery and long braided hair, which complimented his multi-colored Warwick instruments, Thomas Michael Stevens was among the preeminent bassists in pop, rock, jazz, funk, metal, punk, hip-hop and permutations thereof in the 1980s-90s until illness necessitated his retirement.

A composer, vocalist, producer, recording artist, first call session cat, clinician, educator, and showman extraordinaire – TM anchored platters and concert performances aplenty by artists spanning James Brown, Steve Vai, The Pretenders, Joe Cocker, Billy Joel, Tina Turner, Nona Hendryx, Tupac Shakur, Cissy Houston, and Narada Michael Walden to cite a very, very select few. 

A brilliant slap, and finger player, TM was a warm, and spirited presence on the New York City music scene, frequenting clubs and talking bass with anyone – myself included, who shared a love for the instrument.

T.M. Sound & Vision….

Corey Glover and Van Romaine on a remake remodel of Deep Purple’s “Burn” https://youtu.be/pY56aonrm48

From his Shocka Zooloo LP “The River Flows” https://youtu.be/vuJbkBAmi88

With Eric Gales on Jimi’s VooDoo Chile https://youtu.be/TCx-quZVzAw

The Pretenders “Don’t Get Me Wrong” https://youtu.be/pKzoXuEkk00

The Pretenders “How Much Did You Get for Your Soul” https://youtu.be/47AfhCQAlrU

With Neil Zaza “I’m Alright” and “I’m A Believer” https://youtu.be/MIn0XrMn9Fc