Robert DeLeo (Stone Temple Pilots)

Of all the American bands who aspired to the mighty metal mantle of Led Zeppelin, to my ears, none remotely approached such manic nirvana as did the Stone Temple Pilots – in their original configuration. 


Though they emerged in the grunge era, there was nothing “alternative” about this quartet.  Astute hard rockers to the core who knew how to ply an acoustic ballad when necessary, the Stone Temple Pilots were mercurial in their melding of pop hooks with sonic riffs.  Akin to John Paul Jones and Carl Radle – two players propelled guitar heroes to greater heights – STP bassist Robert Emile DeLeo is also a defacto James Jamerson disciple – purveying passages peppered with rhythm & blues, and soul influences.


An arranger, writer, and master motif maker, and former employee of Schecter Guitar Research, Robert utilized a wide array of instruments, spanning vintage Fender, Rickenbacker, Danelectro, and his signature Schecter Model T.


Regardless of his choice of tools, Robert DeLeo glided through the chord changes and over the bar line with a warm tone, smooth articulation and harmonic prowess – which is the mark of an exemplary bassist. Outside of STP, DeLeo anchored one-off projects aplenty including Hollywood Vampires, Talk Show, and Army of Anyone.


Robert DeLeo Sound & Vision


“Days of The Week”


“Lady Picture Show”




“Sour Girl”