Rick Wills (Foreigner, Peter Frampton, Roxy Music)

By Tom Semioli

Rick Wills commenced his remarkable career as a bassist with British blues rockers Jokers Wild in 1965 – which featured future Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour.

Among the most sought after recording and touring bassists in the album rock era (1970s-1980s), Rick plies his craft with a decidedly rhythm and blues disposition.

Rick anchored Frampton’s Camel, Roxy Music (Viva Roxy / 1975) and solo Bryan Ferry, and the revamped Small Faces, taking the place of Ronnie Lane. In 1979, Rick commenced a fourteen-year career with Foreigner – waxing several platinum slabs.

In 1992 he joined Bad Company following Boz’s second or third exit, and even held down the bass chair for Lynyrd Skynyrd for a spell when their original bassist left for health reasons.

In recent years Rick and Small Faces / Faces / Who drummer Kenny Jones work under the title of The Jones Gang.

Among Rick’s stellar recordings include David Gilmour’s self- titled debut (1978) wherein he utilizes flange and chorus effects and harmonic extensions to augment the guitarist’s best work outside of the Floyd.

Rick Wills Sound & Vision:

With Bryan Ferry and Chris Spedding “Let’s Stick Together” https://youtu.be/Z9EbR0ckb40

David Gilmour: “Mihalis” https://youtu.be/HTQHA0tOG9A

Peter Frampton: “Don’t Fade Away”  https://youtu.be/D3HB6ZWVCWo

Foreigner “Night Life” https://youtu.be/4cAy3hK5tNs

Small Faces “High and Happy” https://youtu.be/U0cnbOo6fe8

The Jones Gang EPK https://youtu.be/hkYXyAh65us