Rick Anderson (The Tubes)

By Thomas Semioli


They are undeniably among rock music’s supreme collectives. The Tubes’ distinctive socio-political-absurdist canon traversed theater, hard rock, pop, glam, cabaret, techno, new wave, prog, porn, punk, funk, dance, rhythm and blues, jazz, experimental and whatever else they could throw against the wall, most of which stuck!

Bassist Rick Anderson is a study in versatility; seamlessly morphing multiple genres along with his resourceful bandmates.

Master showmen, conceptualists, players, recording artists, and composers, The Tubes were – and still are- way ahead of their time.

Rick Anderson Sound & Vision with The Tubes

“White Punks on Dope” https://youtu.be/L21mYN9mFP4

“She’s A Beauty” https://youtu.be/mQ_k_VG6Syc

“Talk To Ya Later” https://youtu.be/H-rEVVAw3-0

The Tubes Live at Winterland, New Year’s Eve 1975 https://youtu.be/l8mFEBnAImY