Billy Gould (Faith No More)



By Tom Semioli

A producer, writer, collaborator, entrepreneur, and sideman (Jello Biafra, Fear Factory, Jarod Blum, among many others) – Billy Gould has anchored alternative funk metal masters Faith No More for its entire watershed career which traces its roots back to1979.

Gould, a dedicated Peavey proponent, is a dexterous song / melodic player who employs a wide variety of approaches (finger, slap, plectrum) to the instrument.  

Taking up the bass in high school, Gould migrated to the Bay Area wherein he met up with his future FNM comrades while playing in several local underground bands.  

Among the most influential ensembles of the alternative – grunge rock era (they are cited as the originators of “alternative metal”) , FNM draws praises aplenty from their peers – most notably Krist Novoselic, Scott Ian, and Duff McKagan, along with elders such as Robert Plant. Legions of contemporary hard rock / metal artists have covered their material and cite them as mentors.  

Among Billy’s weapons of choice include Aria, Zon (Billy Gould Signature Bass), and Gibson Grabber basses.

Billy Gould Sound & Vision

With Faith No More:

“Falling to Pieces”


“Ashes to Ashes”