Peter Hook (Joy Division, New Order)

By Tom Semioli

“I’m hooky by name, hooky by nature!”


A legend, innovator, multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, author, club owner, educator (University of Central Lancashire) , and anchor of two of iconic ensembles, he is an instantly identifiable master of the electric bass… which all began when a shoddy amp forced to him to render upper register motifs and develop a chordal approach to the instrument…and the rest, as they say, is history. 


Peter Hook’s tenure in Joy Division and New Order embraced (and practically invented) post-punk, dance, alt-rock, electronica, and permutations thereof.


With Joy Division, which Hook founded with Bernard Sumner after witnessing a Sex Pistols performance at the Manchester Lesser Free Trade Hall in 1976, Peter’s unique approach to the instrument served as a countermelodic foil to Ian Curtis’ linear melodies.


With New Order, Hook focused more on the pocket, forging dance rhythms which served a supportive role amid the din of synthesizers and polyrhythms. The impact and influence of Joy Division and New Order on modern rock and pop is incalculable. Numerous artists cite them as a touchstone as recording artists and performers.


Though he mostly waxes sides with his beloved Yamaha BB1200 (he purchased several when the model discontinued) Hook has recorded and performed with numerous instruments including extended range, Gibson EB, Hondo Rickenbacker, Ecleshall, and Shergold Marathon, among others; which he abets with a wide array of effects. In 2010 Peter had basses constructed from wood from the dancefloor of the Hacienda club where New Order made their bones.

Following his rather acrimonious departure from New Order, Hook has been active as a bandleader, and collaborator, among other endeavors.

Hooky with author, influencer, KYBP superfan, hunk Geoffrey Dicker!

Joy Division …




“Love Will Tear Us Apart”




New Order …


“ Leave Me Alone”


“The Perfect Kiss”


“Blue Monday”






With Freebass featuring Andy Rourke and Mani…


“The God Machine”


Peter Hook and The Light at the 2020 Salford Music Festival