Paul Martinez (Robert Plant, Led Zeppelin Live Aid)

By Thomas Semioli 


He grabbed the bass chair for one memorable song for Led Zeppelin at their infamous Live Aid ‘85 debacle, and is among the most prolific and versatile pocket / melodic studio cats / sidemen of his generation…however his name is known primarily to those in the know and liner notes devotees…


British session ace Paul Martinez anchored a trio of Robert Plant slabs including the ex-Zep singer’s engaging Honeydrippers retro outfit, along with the sole studio release of Paice Ashton Lord, and seminal sides by such artists as Cat Stevens, Dakota Staton, Bernard Purdie, Stan Webb’s Chicken Shack, George Harrison, Maggie Bell, Peter Gabriel, Jimmy Page, Phil Collins, Neil Innes, and Dave Edmunds to cite a select few. 


Whilst a member of Plant’s touring/studio band, Paul joined Led Zeppelin on stage at Live Aid 1985 in Philadelphia when Jonsey moved to keyboards for “Stairway to Heaven.” (I won’t dare post the video link lest Zep’s lawyers dispose of me….)


Dig Paul with Robert, Phil, and Dave Edmonds “Philadelphia Baby”


Dig Paul with Bernard Purdie “Day Dreamin”


Dig Paul with Robert Plant “Burning Down One Side”


Dig Paul and Robert on Top of the Pops “Big Log”


Dig Paul live with Paice, Ashton Lord “Remember the Good Times”


Dig Paul with Cat “The Hurt”


Dig Paul with the Honeydrippers “Good Rockin’ Until Midnight”