Mark Bedford (Madness)


By Thomas Semioli 



“Hey you! Don’t watch that! Watch this! This is the heavy monster sound!”


Among the most successful musical and video savvy ensembles to emerge from the UK’s late-1970s “2 Tone” ska revival were six barmy lads from Camden Town, London who appropriately dubbed themselves Madness.


With his Fender Precision perfectly tweaked low to further bolster the loveable lunacy of Suggs and his mates, Mark “Bedders” Bedford renders slinky walking bass passages and soulful motifs accented on the upbeat with a decidedly punk attitude that moved a generation – literally!


Doubling on upright, Bedders also waxed sides with Moz, Robert Wyatt, and also plies his craft with The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra formed by the Madness saxophonist. In addition to his Fender P, Bedders among Bedders weapons of choice include the Bass Center Bruce Thomas Signature Bass!


Bedders with Madness!


“Our House”


“One Step Beyond”


“Night Boat to Cairo”


“House of Fun”


“Baggy Trousers”


Dig Bedders with Mozzer!


“Our Frank”


“Sing Your Life”


Dig Bedders with the Lee Thompson Orchestra Live!