John Taylor (Duran Duran, Power Station)


No ensemble captured the zeitgeist of the MTV era more so than Duran Duran and their bassist Nigel John Taylor. Though oft derided as “video stars” more so than musicians, this Birmingham lot had the chops as players, recording artists, and performers to go the distance and then some as they remain a force – albeit nostalgic – on the bandstand and recording studio.  Nice work if you can get it! 


Profoundly inspired by David Bowie’s Berlin-era anchor George Murray, assorted Roxy Music players, and Chic’s Bernard Edwards (John now owns his MusicMan Stingray bass), Taylor’s basslines – as played on an Aria II model – waxed with Duran Duran and the super group that actually lived up to its name – The Power Station- created the hooks that made the hits.


Aside from Duran x 2, John has cut solo sides, authored a fine memoir In The Pleasure Groove, acted on film and television, and collaborated with simpatico pallies including Steve Jones, Duff McKagan, and Matt Sorum in Neurotic Outsiders.



John Taylor Sound & Vision…


Duran Duran


“Last Chance on the Stairway”


“Tiger Tiger”






Power Station


“Get It On Bang A Gong”


“Some Like It Hot”


Neurotic Outsiders 




Coda: Taylor’s chorus enhanced tone and nifty combination of finger and slap style was in such high demand in the 1980s that I ventured to Denmark Street in London to appease the US producers who employed me and brought home an Aria II bass for sessions as said instrument was not available stateside in them days! That’s how influential they were.



John Taylor with author, influencer KYBP Super Fan Geoffrey Dicker