Benny Reitveld (Santana, Miles Davis) VIDEO INTERVIEW



Ever since I was a child I’ve always been very attracted to melodies. Whether I hear Jeff Beck, a choir, an ocean or the wind, there’s always a melody in there… Carlos Santana


Anybody can play. The note is only 20 percent. The attitude of the mother****r who plays it is 80 percent… Miles Davis


Which brings us to Benny Reitveld, chosen by both Carlos and Miles to helm the bass chair on some of their most potent sides, and on stage.


Inspired by Chris Squire and Sir Paul, Santana musical director Benny Rietveld has been the longest tenured bassist in Carlos’ numerous collectives commencing with the album Spirits Dancing in the Flesh in 1990.


Following his studies at the Hawaii College of Music, and work with artists spanning The Crusaders, Richie Cole, Makoto Ozone, and Sheila E., Benny, among others, Benny anchored Miles Davis on his last major tour in ‘88 and remained with the jazz icon until 1990, waxing tracks that have been featured on various archival live and studio releases.


A composer, recording artist, film director, educator (Ben Rietveld Bass Essentials – Hot Licks) and producer, Rietveld waxed his lone solo slab Mystery of Faith in 2001 which features cameos from Carlos and Tom Coster.  Among Benny seminal sides include Miles Davis Around the World (1996); Santana Spirits Dancing in the Flesh (1990), Milagro (1992),  Supernatural (2000), Santana IV (2016); Santana / Isley Brothers  Power of Peace (2017),  and Cindy Blackman Another Lifetime (2010), to cite a select few.


Benny’s weapons of choice include MusicMan Sterling (four and five string), Lakeland 4-94, MTD 5 String, and an NS electric upright.





Benny Reitveld Sound & Vision:


Sheila E. “The Glamourous Life”


Miles: “Me & U”


Live In Europe The Prince of Darkness


Benny and Carlos:




“Black Magic Woman”


“Samba Pa Ti”


Santana and The Isley Brothers:


“Are You Ready”


“Higher Ground”