Candice Belanoff (Walt Mink)

Candice Belanoff Portrait_opt.jpg Candice Belanoff Portrait_opt.jpg

From 1989 to ‘97, she anchored Minneapolis indie rock legends Walt Mink (a name they pilfered – in the tradition of Lynyrd Skynyrd – from a Macalester College professor), waxing five fab slabs which traversed punk, pop, thrash and permutations thereof.

As with many a rock trio bassist, Candice Belanoff pulled double duty as a pocket player and riff renderer – filling as much space as necessary (and then some) whilst serving the almighty song.

The band had their shot with a major label (Atlantic) – however akin to many of the best alt-rockers of the era, the fringe was their most fertile platform. Regardless, they were a force to be reckoned with, often sharing the stage with simpatico ensembles including The Lemonheads, Mudhoney, and Soul Asylum.

Their star of fame adorns the renown First Avenue venue in their home metropolis.

Dig Candice and Walt Mink….

“Stood Up”

“Pink Moon”




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