Beth Ami-Heavenstone (Graham Bonnet Band)

Courtesy of Graham Bonnet Com


She’s Mrs. Graham Bonnet to you sir… and she anchors the Graham Bonnet Band.


Though the legendary septuagenarian Lancashire UK rock legend is allegedly a fine player; lead crooning and playing bass are oft at odds, hence the need for a lower register resource dedicated solely to the task at hand, or in her case, plectrum.


(For the record, Bonnet’s bassists of yore are A list: Roger Glover, Gary Shea, Chris Glen, and Chuck Wright to cite a few….)


Enter Beth Ami-Heavenstone who cites Sir Paul, James Jamerson, Jack Bruce, and John Paul Jones – the usual boomer suspects – as her influences.


She’s Bonnet’s bottom – outlining the changes with the utmost economy by way of a massive Fender P resonance, and SVT amps and cabinets.


Amy Sound & Vision ….


Graham Bonnet:


“Living in Suspicion”




“Starcarr Lane”


Courtesy Graham Bonnet Com