Mike “Aldo” Kane (Deluxury)

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In 1966 Mike Kane was walking back to his house in St. Charles, Illinois, when he came upon a huge crowd of girls from the neighborhood.  Going to check it out, he saw it was Dan Buck (The Boyzz from Illinoizz), who was a few years older than him, making music with two other guys from the neighborhood.  Right then and there Mike decided he needed to be in a band.

Within a few months he was playing in a band with one of the guys from the garage, first using his brother’s 6-string guitar that was missing the B and E strings, and then moving on to a ‘65 Kingston violin shaped bass.

At that time, with music exploding in bars, teen clubs and school dances, Mike was exposed to bands such as Vanilla Fudge and The Yardbirds at the Jaguar in St. Charles.  Mike had an extra advantage–his brother, Dan Davis, was booking bands at The Lottery, a club he owned in Aurora, and Mike was able to hear the music and hang out Rory Gallagher, Manfred Mann, Wayne Cochran and the CC Riders, and Baby Huey and the Babysitters.

By 1972, he was part of the popular Cock N’ Bull Band, with Dan Buck, EZ Dave Haines, Gil Pini and Kim McGowan, playing the local music circuit.

Around 1979- 80, Mike, EZ Dave Haines, Dana French and Mike Hoge formed the band DeLuxury.  By then Mike’s go to bass was a ’76 Gibson Thunderbird. They were later joined by Kent Cooper (The Boyzz) and Gil Pini (The Boyzz).  At the time, DeLuxury was known for playing red hot rockin’ rhythm and blues!

Although there were personnel changes over the years, the band played regularly until 2008.  Phil Miller (Sonia Dada) and Jimmi Kidd, two hot guitar players in Chicago, also did stints with the band.

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Over the roughly twenty-eight years that the band was together, Mike held down the bottom for that entire period.  DeLuxury had five record releases, including the all original Crosseyed Cupid; was sponsored by Miller Beer for eight years; toured the Midwest and beyond; and played many prestigious gigs as headliners as well as the opening act for Stevie Ray Vaughan, Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, Fabulous
Thunderbirds and Little Feat, among others.

They also had the pleasure of supporting established artists, including Robert Plant and Joan Baez, and jumping on stage to jam with them.

Since DeLuxury, Mike has kept busy playing live gigs, and working in the studio, as well as playing music in his church.

Mike’s bass influences include Bill Wyman, Paul McCartney, James Jamerson, Carol Kaye, and Chicago blues bassists including Willie Dixon.  Like his heroes, Mike lays down a tight bottom, with melodic flourishes.

Mike’s bass collection has grown since the days of the Kingston Violin Bass.  Akin to his hero, Bill Wyman, Mike has two vintage Vox Wyman Basses (Mahogany and Sunburst).  His arsenal also includes an electric standup bass; multiple vintage Fender Precision, Tele and Jazz basses; and a ’69 Gibson Thunderbird.

Check out Mike’s playing on…

“Leavin’ Again” https://youtu.be/3mzdYmcqxZU

“Girl Like You”  https://youtu.be/j2-hHr7u42Q

“Super Bowl”  https://youtu.be/l_gBV_0GEFE

“Hey Baby” Live at Summer Fest https://youtu.be/XcdpGV6ucWc

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