Guillermo Madrigal (Forbode)

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By Robert Jenkins

Forebode bassist Guillermo Madrigal is a force of nature.

He stands close to nine feet tall and weighs almost 700 pounds of pure muscle!! Okay, maybe 6’3” and 250 but it’s still pure muscle; and he looks like he can bench 400….

Frighteningly, Guillermo’s bass rig matches his physique!

His main rig consists of a Sunn 300T and an Ampeg SVT2 both running into a Worshipper 4×15 speaker cabinet. FOUR. FIFTEEN. INCH. SPEAKERS!

His bass of choice? A vintage Peavey T-40, which is, of course, the heaviest bass ever made. Guillermo is also an avid collector of vintage Peavey basses and guitars, sporting three T-40 basses in his collection. Needless to say; he can move some air.

Asked about his fascination with the T-40 Guillermo simply replied that when he first tried the instrument as a beginning player – “it just felt right!” And he puts all of them to good use!

Forebode is a crushingly heavy band, leading the “Doom Metal” scene here in Austin. In my honest and humble opinion, Forebode is the heaviest band on the scene right now. They have one EP and are currently working on a full-length album, hopefully due out in 2020.

Despite his intimidating physique and stage presence, Guillermo is one of the nicest people you could want to meet. A recent devotee to the bass, Madrigal was naturally drawn to the instrument. Once again, the instrument “just felt right for him.“

His influences are wide and varied, however when I asked who his favorite bassist was he had to call it a tie between Jaco Pastorius and Al Cisneros.

Guillermo can be seen and heard with Forebode regularly around the Austin metal club scene and in the surrounding metro area.

Check out Forebode on their most recent EP

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