KYBP On Film Season Tres: Charles Lambiase

Charles TN_opt (1).png Charles TN_opt (1).png

There are players that play with an overall adherence to tradition – which are most of us. Then there are the cats who take the bass to new places every time they pick up the instrument. Enter Charles Lambiase, a master groove and improvisational player. When Charles plays, you hear the entire history of the bass guitar in his melodies, and tone. And you also hear where the bass can go – harmonically, rhythmically, and spiritually. And he customizes his tools of the trade, of which he has many. But you always know it’s Charles Lambiase in one note, one phrase, one passage! Tom Semioli: Interviewer / Writer. Mark Preston: Director / Producer. Drew Taylor: Cinematographer. Mark Polott: Editor / Photographer. []