Jasmine Jew (Tarantula Mountain)

Jasmine Jew Rickenbacker 1_opt.jpg Jasmine Jew Rickenbacker 1_opt.jpg

By Robert Jenkins “Austin Underground Vol. ll”

Oddly … but somewhat fittingly, Tarantula Mountain gets categorized locally as a “Doom” band.


Are they heavy? Sure! Do they rock hard? Absolutely and without question! 


And yet, when I listen to them – I hear bits of melody and groove that remind me of 1990s indie pop (albeit just a bit heavier) and sometimes the catchy grooves of Duran Duran, or even The League of Gentlemen. 


Through it all Tarantula Mountain is anchored by the solid foundation of Jasmine Jew – laid out on her trusty new Rickenbacker 4003. 


On stage, Jasmine utilizes an Ampeg SVT Pro4 and an SWR 410 cabinet with a few tasty pedal options to enhance that classic Ric – Ampeg growl. In the studio? She just goes right into the board -as it should be IMHO! 


Jasmine began playing very recently in 2013, proving that it’s never too late to pursue a rock and roll dream. And with a position working at the Austin School of Music she has the unique opportunity to learn extraordinary musical skills in a welcoming environment.  


When asked what she treasures most about her vocation, Jasmine replies “I really love working with and encouraging girls and women of all ages to play music.” This bassist revels in her role to inspire and educate the next generation of players. 


In addition to tenure in Tarantula Mountain, Jasmine is working on a true “solo” effort – composing and playing all the instruments. She notes that it may take awhile – but the journey is most of the fun, and she wants to get it right.  


Tarantula Mountain can be seen and heard regularly in the Austin club scene and frequently in north Austin at Anderson Mill Pub.  

Jasmine’s favorite bassist is John Taylor of Duran Duran!  


Check out  Tarantula Mountain’s newest singles…


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