Mike Starr (Alice In Chains)

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By Thomas Semioli

As a founding member of Alice in Chains, the late Michael Christopher Starr played a major role in the alternative rock revolution aka “gunge.”

A heavy-handed plectrum player with roots firmly steeped in classic heavy metal and hard rock, Starr held the harmonic fort amid the vocal and instrumental harmonies rendered by his bandmates Jerry Cantrell and Layne Staley.

Mike’s main weapons of choice were Spector NS-2 basses, and Ampeg SVT and speaker cabinets.

Following his departure from AIC due to drug issues, Starr briefly anchored Sun Red Sun with Ray Gillen and Bobby Rondinelli, however the project collapsed following Gillen’s death.

Dig Mike on “Would?” https://youtu.be/Nco_kh8xJDs

Dig Mike on “Man In The Box” https://youtu.be/TAqZb52sgpU

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