Etienne Pelosoff (Black Jazz)

Courtesy Etienne Pelosoff Facebook Courtesy Etienne Pelosoff Facebook

Courtesy Etienne Pelosoff Facebook

By Thomas Semioli

“I asked myself: how would a collaboration between Miles Davis and Metallica sound like? Who said you can’t head bang on jazz?” – Etienne Pelosoff

An innovative multi-instrumentalist, composer, collaborator, journalist, among other endeavors – bassist Etienne Pelosoff takes a decidedly unconventional approach to the black metal / thrash artform – incorporating a jazz aesthetic not usually associated which the genre. Pelosoff, to my ears, evokes a balance of the free jazz and soul jazz methodology – outlining the “changes” with a combination of deep pocket grooves punctuated by “dissonant” note choices which bring out the colors of the composition.

Dig Etienne on his rendition of “So What”

Dig Etienne on “Tritone Labyrnith” from Trve Black Metal Jazz

Dig Etienne’s soundtrack work for “Art of Chare”

Why choose brutality or jazz when you can have both? Stay “trve,” stay jazz. – Etienne Pelosoff

Etienne Pelosoff BBJ_opt.jpg Etienne Pelosoff BBJ_opt.jpg