Etienne Pelosoff (Black Jazz)


By Thomas Semioli


“I asked myself: how would a collaboration between Miles Davis and Metallica sound like? Who said you can’t head bang on jazz?” – Etienne Pelosoff


An innovative multi-instrumentalist, composer, collaborator, journalist, among other endeavors – bassist Etienne Pelosoff takes a decidedly unconventional approach to the black metal / thrash artform – incorporating a jazz aesthetic not usually associated which the genre. Pelosoff, to my ears, evokes a balance of the free jazz and soul jazz methodology – outlining the “changes” with a combination of deep pocket grooves punctuated by “dissonant” note choices which bring out the colors of the composition.


Etienne Pelosoff Sound & Vision…


“So What”


“Tritone Labyrnith” from Trve Black Metal Jazz


Dig Etienne’s soundtrack work for “Art of Chare”


Why choose brutality or jazz when you can have both? Stay “trve,” stay jazz. – Etienne Pelosoff