Robert Jenkins (Flooded Tomb)

Courtesy of Robert Jenkins Courtesy of Robert Jenkins

Courtesy of Robert Jenkins

Rob Jenkins by….Rob Jenkins!

Rob Jenkins is an Austin, TX bassist and KYBP Austin Bureau Chief!


For 30 years now, he has been slogging away in the underground club scene, playing anything from rock, folk, metal, jazz, blues, musicals, funk, classical, hip-hop, and whatever other genre may need a bassist. Holding a degree in music composition from the University of Texas at Austin, Rob spent a number of years teaching double bass to middle and high school students in the Austin metro area.


Now, playing electric bass almost exclusively, he focuses on playing with his band and working in his home instrument setup and repair shop.


Although Rob has experience in a variety of genres, heavy metal is his first love and he currently serves as the bassist for local Austin heavies Flooded Tomb.


Another project he has begun experimenting with is creating various ‘supergroups’ of other local underground scene musicians for one-night-only psychedelic jams.


You can catch Rob playing regularly with his band Flooded Tomb around the Austin metal club scene.


Rob’s band, Flooded Tomb, can be seen and heard here:


Rob’s classical chamber music compositions can be heard here: