Paul Bushnell (Melissa Ethridge, Alanis Morisette)

Courtesy Paul Bushnell Facebook Courtesy Paul Bushnell Facebook

Courtesy Paul Bushnell Facebook

By Thomas Semioli

If you have ears, you’ve heard this cat anchor major artists spanning rock, country, alternative, Americana, contemporary soul, dance,  and every permutation thereof!

Paul Bushnell’s remarkable career jumpstarted as the producer / arranger / and bassist with The Commitments band and film adaptation soundtrack of Roddy Doyle’s novel, which ignited interest in old-school American rhythm and blues amid the hair metal fallout and onset of grunge in 1991.

A versatile song player with a command of rhythm and harmony; composer, multi-instrumentalist, and sound-engineer – Bushnell migrated to Los Angeles and quickly became a first-call session player, waxing slabs with Paula Cole, Celine Dion, Jewel, Meredith Brooks, Sinead O’Connor, Sir Elton, Phil Collins, Joe Cocker, Alanis Morisette, Melissa Etheridge, Kelly Clarkson, John Fogerty, Martina McBride, Jason Mraz, Shakira, Miley Cyrus, Melanie C, Michael Buble, Katy Perry, Orianthi, Chris Cornell, Neil Young, Richard Marx, Avril Lavigne, Chris Isaak, Kelly Clarkson, Tracy Chapman, and Tim McGraw to cite a very, very select few….

To describe Paul’s playing style is impossible – he adapts to every situation with the right tone, right note choices, right approach …

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